The Bible, Your Brain, and the Mindful Space Between Moments


What People are Saying…


Ancient wisdom and current research converge in a most helpful guide. You can’t afford to lose your mind!

John Ortberg
senior pastor of Menlo Church, and author of Eternity Is Now in Session 

A few years ago, a leader challenged me with the idea that great leaders are a “non-anxious presence.” That idea awakened me to how anxious, hurried, and unaware I was. Charles Stone’s new book, Holy Noticing, provides a pathway for understanding the concept of mindfulness from a biblical perspective and equips you to thrive in an exhausting world. An amazing resource! 

Jenni Catron
leadership coach and founder of The 4Sight Group 

In Holy Noticing, Charles offers an amazing array of unique ways to connect deeply with God and discover your purpose in the world. Grounded in Scripture, rooted in church history, and immensely practical, this book might well become a trusted guidebook for your spiritual journey. 

Tricia McCary Rhodes
affiliate professor, Fuller Seminary and author of several books on spiritual formation, including The Soul at Rest 

God has given us a capacity to be attentive, mindful, to notice—when this is done with a holy purpose, we can be transformed into the likeness of Christ. Charles Stone’s new book, Holy Noticing, is a brilliant blend of theological wisdom, psychological truth, and personal experience laying out such a path of transformed living. I will be recommending this book wherever I go. 

Shaun Lambert
Baptist minister, counsellor, author, and mindfulness researcher 

Holy Noticing combines the principles of cognitive neuroscience with the practices of nearly every Christian tradition to help us learn a profound shalom. Dr. Stone meticulously distinguishes trendy types of mindfulness from historical Christian approaches to living each moment in the presence of Jesus. Stone methodically teaches practical ways to learn shalom that can endure suffering and difficulties. Being present when life happens opens the way to find Jesus with us and bring balance to our minds. While the book provides excellent information, documentation, and instruction, the benefits go to those who will faithfully practice what they have read. 

E. James Wilder
neurotheologian and Life Model theoretician at Life Model Works, international speaker, and coauthor of Rare Leadership 

Holy Noticing is a book where Scripture meets neuroscience meets spiritual disciplines. Charles’s writing is biblically grounded and practically helpful. I am already putting these principles into practice. In this world of incessant distraction, constant noise, and sound-bite attention spans, we must learn the art of Holy Noticing

Lance Witt
founder of Replenish Ministries 

Dr. Charles Stone is a prominent thought leader in the world of professional coaching with regard to brain science. Coupled with his theological training and experience as a pastor, he is uniquely qualified to address the powerful spiritual discipline of Christian mindfulness. Holy Noticing is a ground-breaking book examining the intersections of our mind, will, and emotions with our spirit and with God. 

Christopher McCluskey
president of Professional Christian Coaching Institute; cohost of Professional Christian Coaching Today 

I received an advance read of Charles’s new book at just the right time. I’m in one of the busiest seasons of my life and was beginning to feel the weight of stress on my soul. I needed the encouragement to slow down and do some Holy Noticing

Ron Edmondson
CEO, Leadership Network 

Dr. Charles Stone’s new book, Holy Noticing, is a gift to Christian leaders. Charles has always been a trusted resource for me in determining my unique makeup as a person and then leveraging that for God’s glory
and the expansion of His kingdom. We know that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Therefore, few things are as important as renewing your mind and simply thinking right. This book will help you. Get it today! 

Brian Dodd
director of New Ministry Partnerships, INJOY Stewardship Solutions